Friday, May 16, 2008

Thinking about old times

I got my patterns today!!! Now I want to sew them... but I have to hold off until I'm finished the messenger bag. I'm working on it and now I have a reason to finish it quickly.

We're watching the Final 24, a show airing on History; it's a show that about the last 24 hours of the life of celebrities who have died. Last week it was about Sid Vicious and this week is about John Belushi. The show mixes interviews with re-enactments and photos or videos of the star in order to try and explain why the star ended up like they did.

It can be hard for me to watch shows like this. Back in the day, for about three years 15 years ago, I had a weekend cocaine habit and so I find it difficult to watch these scenes where people do drugs. I find myself wanting the drugs again when I'm watching this; honestly, I never think about doing drugs any other time. I'm very happy that the drugs are out of my life and I know that I wouldn't go back to them - but just the same, I'm glad that I don't know anyone who does them. It's too easy to let the drugs take over like it did for those celebrities - and yeah, I think I'm strong, but I'd rather not put my strength to the test.

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