Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sewing fun

Ian and I put up some shelves in my sewing room today. I'm thrilled! I'm going to use them to store the stuff that is currently in mountainous piles around my machines - like patterns, stuff I'm also working on, cutting things, extra pieces, and so on. We also put a light under the shelf above my cutting area and that will make things much, much easier when I'm working there. It can be hard to see otherwise. I'm looking forward to working there now :)

Unfortunately, my serger is behaving badly these days :( There's a thin needle-thing in the throat plate that I think is out of place. The lower looper thread is somehow putting additional tension on the outside straight stitch so that it skips and sometimes breaks. Once it breaks the threads get messed up. If I go slow and be careful and watch (and listen carefully - I can hear the thread doing something strange), I can use the serger. But once this bag is done, I'm going to take the serger in for service. I've had it for three years or so and it's never been serviced so it's past time.

I had my Pamidronate today and I used the emla cream and it made a HUGE difference!!! I had no pain when they accessed my port. Yay! I messed up, though; most of the port is underneath my scar (which is huge and not healed) and it's hard to access it if I'm lying flat, which I was. The nurse and I were talking and she cleaned the area to make it sterile when I put my finger on the port to show her how she could access it if I was sitting up a bit. I wasn't supposed to touch the area because I made it unsterile. Oooops. I won't do that again.

I'm feeling ok but a bit tired and so we took it easy tonight - except to put up the shelves and to tidy up the sewing room a tiny bit.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the stuff worked well so it didn't hurt this time. No-one should have to approach something they do once a month with trepidation.

How about some pictures of your sewing space and the new shelves?

Love, Mom

Unknown said...

Oh dear - that last one reminded me how much I miss my mother. (Recently relocated to the UK from FL)
I am an avid emla user as well, and am often surprised about how many people aren't aware of its existence. Some blame doctors but I think they're focus is mostly keeping us alive (which I can't argue).
Emla just launched a website, thinking about submitting a few of my own trials and tribulations for the contest - the trip to Disney is looking very appealing right now. www.ihateneedles.co.uk

Darling Jee said...

Hi. A friend of a friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer so I'm directing her to your blog. That's okay right?

Anonymous said...

not that this is going to help, but my sewing machine did the same thing yours was/is doing... off on the tension no matter what i set it to, and snapping the thread. i took it to the repair and suddenly it worked again. thing is when i asked what was wrong they said nothing. they had no issues, and changed nothing! ugh. they cleaned and oiled it. perhaps that was all it needed.

luck with EVERYthing else, and im glad you are finding some pain relief ...meg (from reclaimed craft)