Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A whole day of non-sleeping!

I did end up joining the gym. It'll be $19.95/month forever with some restrictions: I can only go on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday; and I can't do the spinning classes. I can do almost all of the other classes, though. While being restricted to three days a week seems like a big disadvantage, I figure that it will be a bit easier to keep to a set schedule if I can't just put it off until tomorrow. I'm looking forward to going and working out again.

Remember that thickening in my breast where the results came back with nothing, but recommended further tests? Well, tomorrow my surgeon is doing a core needle biopsy of the area. He knows where it is and everything and so it shouldn't be a problem with him doing it. I don't expect any problems with the test, and hopefully the results will come back ok.

I was up quite early this morning because the surgeon's office called with tomorrow's appointment at 8:30am. I managed to stay awake all day - yay! Hopefully this means that the Pamidronate won't knock me out entirely :)

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