Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's like summertime!

I love wearing new shoes! I wore one of my newest pairs today when I went to lunch with my friend and then my Spirituality and Healing group. Unfortunately, new shoes don't always love me :( I ended up with blisters on my heels and some pre-blisters on other parts of my feet. Oops. It's the price I sometimes have to pay for summer shoes :)

It's unseasonably hot here - it was over 20C today and is expected to be 24C tomorrow! Of course this is very welcome because I, for one, am tired of the cold and rain and snow. Hopefully the rain they're forecasting for the weekend won't show up.

Edited: the shoes I was wearing are Carmea by Nine West. The shoelace detail, together with the quilted satin and the suede, caught my eye. The other pair of shoes I bought are very similar to this pair by DKNY; there are some subtle patch placement differences but the shoe is essentially the same. It's super-comfortable and cute - and the sole says dkny all over the place.

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