Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping

Sorry there was no update yesterday - I was pretty tired and my back was very woogly. I couldn't even read my book and ended up sleeping until almost 4:30pm, or about 16 hours. I still wasn't feeling fully awake and so just watched tv this afternoon. Later I got up enough energy to do some sewing.

One thing I did yesterday was to buy some books on making bellydance costumes. They were very expensive on (one was $65 which is what I paid for all 3!) so I bought them from They're due to arrive around the beginning of May. I'm doing more and more bellydancing and thinking more about costumes, so I'd like to be able to some good ones. I can't afford the $500+ to buy a beaded costume that will need significant alterations anyways. So we'll see how things go once I have the books. :)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've found is a lot cheaper. But I've also had my orders bumped sometimes and they arrive from and the price charged to my card is the price. I haven't figured out why it happens when it happens.
Love, Mom