Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tumour marker results and doctor's appointment

I got my tumour marker results today. In June, they were 41.3, having gone up 1.8 over the previous result three months prior. At the end of August, they were 46.2, so they've gone up an additional 4.9. On October 13 last year, before the oophorectomy, my tumour markers were 48.0... so they're almost the same now as they were before. They're going in the wrong direction. They're supposed to go down or stay the same. I'm a little worried about this but not overly so.

I know, the markers haven't gone up all that much. I'm going to call tomorrow and request that tumour markers be done again before I see my Oncologist on October 22. If the markers climb a third time, well, that's an indication that the treatment may not be holding the cancer back very well and that it might be time for a change. We may need to do some tests to figure out where the cancer is growing at that time.

I had my appointment with the gastroenterologist today because my family doctor felt that I should see a specialist. The doctor today said that I probably have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and that he can give me some pills that might work. He recommended that I use Milk of Magnesia instead of dulcolax or senokot as a laxative (needed to counteract side effects of the narcotics) because it's better for me. I guess I'll make the switch.

He also said that the chances of my having colon cancer are extremely small but that my situation is far out of the statistical norm already what with having breast cancer and all. Apparently people with breast cancer (and some other cancers) have a slightly higher risk of colon cancer as well. He gave me the choice of just treating the IBS with the drugs or doing a colonoscopy to be sure about what I have. Some people who see a lot of doctors don't like to be poked and prodded any more than necessary and so don't want the colonoscopy. On the other hand, some people who see a lot of doctors like to have peace of mind about possible medical conditions and so would choose the colonoscopy. You might have guess that I've decided to do the colonoscopy to give me peace of mind :) It's scheduled for November 22.

He said that the worst part of that procedure (for him) will be getting the sedative and painkillers right because of the amount of oxycontin that I take. The worst part for me... well, you can guess. :)

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Darling Jee said...

I know someone who had a colonoscopy recently. He said the worst part was being embarrassed in front of the cute nurse. He also had a useful tip: if possible, request the smallest probe to start with (!)