Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More sleep, please

In my travels yesterday I received the pneumonia vaccine. What with Ian's dad's and my cancer situations, it's better that I receive as many immunizations as I can. My immune system isn't exactly compromised but then it isn't exactly running in tip-top form, either.

I've been completely exhausted today. I feel like I've been run over by a truck - I can barely keep my eyes open. Ian woke me at 9am and I got up at 9:45am... only to fall asleep again until noon. I wasn't certain that I would go to Well-fit today because I was so tired but I did manage to go. Since then I've been very, very tired. I'm pretty well assuming that my overwhelming fatigue is a result of the shot yesterday... I hope it ends soon. I have things to do, you know :)

I spent the evening reading fall fashion magazines. Is it just me or are there more of them than in previous years? I'm hoping to provide you with a fall fashion trends report tomorrow or the next day.

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