Sunday, September 02, 2007

Just a lazy Sunday

I didn't sleep all that well last night - I had pain issues that woke me around 1am. My sternum was hurting pretty bad for some reason. They did just change my program at Well-fit and I know that I have more pain when I open my chest wide, so it's possible that one of the new exercises is contributing to increased pain. I'd have expected the pain to come on Thursday or Friday, though. And yes, I know that I had been trying to decrease my pain meds but they've been up to normal the last few days. I'll talk to the Well-fit people on Wednesday.

I also had some nightmares last night which didn't help my sleep. I don't know where these dreams come from, but they're certainly interesting. In one earlier this week, I dreamt that I was showing people through this house that I've seen quite a lot in my dreams. It's a nice house, most of the time. Sometimes it's scary. Anyways, as I walked through and saw all the changes that had been made to the house, I told the people I was with that I used to live in this house but I don't anymore; that I'd moved on and these people had taken it over and fixed it up. I'm sure there's deep psychological meaning to this but to me it's like a movie that plays just for me at night.

I did spend some time cutting out the fabric for the custom bag I'm making. Tomorrow we're going to Mississauga and so I won't spend as much time sewing as I'd thought. That's ok, though; I'll do some before we go.

I also spent some time looking at all my beads. Yes, I made some earrings, but the majority of my time was spent just looking at the beads I have. While doing this, we watched two movies on tv from the 80s - Weird Science and Class. Oh, the memories :) It was a lovely way to pass the time.

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