Monday, September 17, 2007

Lots of flowers

I'm typing this while smelling the beautiful smell of our brugmansia - we brought them in to prevent them from getting frost. One plant has 6!!! flowers and the other has 4!!!; they're so pretty. Our brugmansia flowers are green at the stem and then fade to white, with dark pink upturned edges. I think (although I am not certain) that we have the Isabella variety. At least the flowers in the picture look almost exactly like ours.

I watched The Birds tonight. That is one freaky movie, all right. I find that it's still a scary movie even though it's almost 45 years old. That one scene where our heroine is waiting for the girl at school and smoking while perched on a fence makes me shudder. First there are a couple of birds, then a few, and in the course of 5 minutes every surface is covered in birds. Scary. The end scene where they're leaving the farm and trying to not disturb the birds that are everywhere is also scary. I was curled up on the couch all tense in case they made a noise and the birds attacked them.

Watching birds peck away at people in the movie reminds me too much of some of my dreams. I often dream that animals (usually very big dogs or wolves) are eating me. Most often the animals are after my hands, but they have eaten other parts of me as well. I do feel a great deal of pain in my dreams at the sites that are being eaten. I generally try and get the animals away from me but I don't try very hard and ultimately I open my hands to them.

There was a comment in my blog about being very sensitive to touch. I am, too. Ian doesn't understand why I cut the tags out of EVERYTHING. They itch and poke and hurt my skin. I am itchy a lot of the time too. My ears are extremely sensitive - I can hear a tv half a house away behind closed doors - and yet the sounds of a crowd overwhelm me. It's funny how some of these traits are so common, especially in my family, huh? :)

Oh! I got confirmation that I do not test positive for any of the known BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations. This means that my sisters and mom don't need to do any extra-special monitoring aside from yearly mammograms. Yay!

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Darling Jee said...

When I used to work in Burnaby, there were soooo many crows! "They" had built over a wetland that was crow roosting ground in winter time so the combination of early nights and lots of crows was so eerie and frightening. When I used to have to park across the street, I would phone Geoff to walk me to my car because I was so freaked out! I don't think I could ever watch The Birds.