Monday, April 09, 2012

Lovely Easter weekend

We spent most of this past Easter weekend at Ian's parent's house eating yummy hot cross buns and other food. Ian's dad stole my dog, as usual, but that was ok because I like visiting with them. My dog's transfer of allegiance to Ian's dad is a small price to pay for getting to hang out there.

Ian's going away early tomorrow morning but for some reason I thought he was going away this morning. Not that I minded having him home the extra day! Today was a holiday at his work so it was kind of strange to have him here today; now my days are all off. It might be Monday but it feels like Sunday to me.

While Ian is away I'll be responsible for taking care of Her Highness. I'm unaccustomed to walking her more than once or twice a day and now I'll have to walk her three times a day. The actual walking isn't so bad; it's the getting up early to give her her morning walk. I've been getting up around 9:30am or so - earlier than I used to get up - but I'll need to be up about a half-hour or an hour earlier for that walk. I shouldn't complain because Ian will have to take care of her while I'm in Edmonton at the end of the month - and I'll be gone longer than he will this time.

The object of all of this planning, our little dog, has lately fancied herself a goat. Yesterday and today she's taken up grazing at long grass. She isn't gulping it down and I don't think she's trying to make herself sick; I think she genuinely likes the taste of grass. Perhaps it reminds her of the taste of the bunny poo she loves so much. I don't think that her eating grass is a good thing so I'll have to put a stop to it.

Speaking of her bad behaviour, she made a mistake and jumped up on the couch while she was excited. Sigh. I did say that if she started behaving badly in other ways, I'd have to stop her from going up on the bed. Ian caught her there today and made her get off the bed right away. He was very angry and didn't speak to her for about half an hour. I don't think she noticed or cared as much as a person would have. Hopefully over this week I'll be able to break her of the "sleeping on the bed" habit.

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