Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy, playing dog

For her afternoon walk, Gozer chose a route on streets instead of going through the woods. We haven't walked over that way for quite a while so I was happy enough to go that way. It meant stopping at the vet's office (which hasn't been the same since our favourite vet tech left) but since we hadn't been there in a while, I was ok with that, too.

Because it was humid and Gozer was panting so much I decided to cut our walk a little bit short. She didn't like that at first; she actually went low to the ground and pulled with all of her might to try to get me to go in the direction she wanted but I resisted her efforts. It was a good thing, too, because she got to meet some new doggy friends.

She met two dogs at one place: a female Great Dane and a male whose breed I didn't recognize. The Great Dane batted at Gozer with her massive paw to try to get her to play but Gozer was having none of it because she was too worried about what the male was doing. At the time, he was sniffing at her and drooling on her backside. The owner said that the drooling was a sign that this dog liked Gozer. Whether or not that's true, it was kind of weird to see these droplets of drool on her bum. Gozer didn't seem to care.

A half-block away from those two dogs was a cute little male Bichon Frise who was helping his mommy garden. Gozer went up to sniff him and he ended up chasing her around the yard. After that bit of exercise, they were both tired and panting so they had a bit of a rest and Gozer had a drink. A few minutes later, Gozer started chasing the other dog around the yard and then stopping and barking at him to start running again.

My eyes were welling up with tears of joy as I watched my little furchild play properly with another dog. She was clearly so happy to be running and being a dog with this other dog. She's played a little bit with some other dogs but mostly when they invite her to play, she just looks at them. There must have been something different about this other dog that she liked because we were there for about 20 minutes. I had a hard time getting her to leave!

I hope that the next time we go by this house this dog is outside again so that Gozer can have a play.  She was sure to pee on the yard so I have no doubts that she'll find the place again. I'd love for her to find other dogs - like, say, the dogs next door - for playmates because I do love to watch her play and be a happy dog.

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