Thursday, March 01, 2012

Take the dog to work

Gozer went to work with Ian today. He's lucky enough to work in an office where dogs are allowed - even encouraged - to come in with their owners. I had metalsmithing class this afternoon and had planned on going again tonight; I didn't want to crate Gozer for all that time so Ian figured that he could take her into work. I ended up deciding that I didn't want to go to class again tonight but Ian stuck with his part of the plan anyways.

Poor Gozer couldn't figure out what was going on when we packed up Gozer's crate, her ottoman blanket, a few quiet squeaky toys, her water dish, her various leashes and harnesses, and some treats this morning. She was especially concerned when her crate was packed up because that's her crate! But then we put her seatbelt on and she relaxed a bit, knowing that she was going wherever her crate was going.

She was very excited and panting and pulling on the leash when we got to the office. Ian set up her crate and stuff and I left. I was a little worried about my little dog being in a strange place but I knew that Ian would take good care of her. We decided that she would stay there the whole day instead of me bringing her home after metalsmithing class because she was doing so well.

Ian's on a mezzanine level (the third-and-a-half floor) and Gozer's crate was set up so that she could overlook the desks below. Apparently she liked looking down over the people there when she was in her crate. She also spent time sleeping at Ian's feet and at the feet of his neighbour while resting her head on one of the spokes of the base of his chair. After getting up and coming back, he actually went to get another chair because he didn't want to move the one on which her head was resting. Ian called Gozer away so that he could sit in his chair again.

There are a lot of stairs at the office and having to go up and down each flight several times a day tuckered our little doggy out. When I picked the two of them up from work, her pace up the stairs was much slower than it had been in the morning. She was so exhausted! Between going up and down the stairs, exploring new areas, and meeting a ton of new people, going to work was a lot for her.

I'm thrilled that Gozer's day at work went so well because it means that Ian can take care of her without me being here. This is great because I plan to go to Edmonton at the end of April for a week or so and now I don't have to worry about Gozer - Ian can just take her to work while I'm gone. I wouldn't mind if he took her sometimes just for fun, too :)

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