Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Our badly behaved dog

Our adorable, sweet little dog behaved very badly today.

I went into the kitchen after my bath this afternoon to find the kitchen garbage knocked over and pieces of trash strewn all over the floor. Beside the chair and farthest away from the starting point was tinfoil from when we made chicken fingers along with a plastic bag we'd used for coating potatoes. Gozer had ripped up the tinfoil into very small pieces, presumably to eat the chicken residue on them. I hope that she didn't eat any of the tinfoil but based on the number of little pieces all over the carpet I'm guessing that she did eat some of it.

Interestingly, a few hours later we discovered some chicken finger breading on her ottoman blanket. There was no tinfoil there and the crumbs were kind of hidden under some folds so we think she was saving them for later.

When she did this I knew that she thought she was hungry although she wasn't going to be fed for an hour or so. She'd also been in her crate for a couple of hours this afternoon and she'd been lucky enough to get a yummy pizzle treat (with a thing full of water) while there. She's done think kind of thing twice before and each time it's only happened when she's unsupervised. We don't see her making this mess; we only see its aftermath and so there's no way for us to correct this behaviour. Clearly we're going to have to get a garbage container that can't be tipped over and emptied.

Sigh. I know our little dog lived all by herself on the streets and had to search through garbage to eat but I wish she wasn't still using those techniques. I don't think she understands that she doesn't need to fend for herself anymore. Of course when she was on her own she got to eat whenever she wanted; she didn't have to wait for me to feed her like she does now. So maybe this isn't related to her life on the streets. Maybe she's just being bossy.

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