Saturday, March 17, 2012

Crazy warm weather

It's been so gorgeous outside, with highs around 20C, that we've been working in the garden. We were even able to get the waterfall going - and we were eaten alive by mosquitos while we filled it! You wouldn't even know that this is March since it feels more like May out there. We'd thought about spraying dormant oil on our fruit trees this weekend but the window has already passed for two of the five trees. Since all of the trees are close together, there's no point spraying dormant oil on some and not all of the trees.

Gozer has been enjoying the beautiful weather, too. We've been taking her outside with us when we're working because now that she's scoped out the whole yard, she likes to either sit and watch us or she likes to sit up at one of the corners of the property. One corner overlooks the park and she likes to watch the kids and dogs play there. The other corner overlooks the properties on the other side of us and she likes to watch the dogs over there.

Gozer is having a hard time getting used to this crazy warm weather. Her coat is quite long and curly and it's just too much for summer so she's getting a stylish summer cut on Tuesday. In the meantime, even though she's scruffy and a little dirty, we weren't planning on bathing her. However, this afternoon while we were visiting in Mississauga I took our cute little dog for a walk and she ended up getting super-muddy. I don't even really know how it happened; we didn't walk through any areas that were clearly muddy or anything but she was filthy.

She looks so cute after a bathWe took her home as she was and after dinner we gave her a bath. She's still drying off and she looks like a cute fuzzball! She'll look even better after her hair is cut. She'll also be more comfortable outside as long as this weather holds.

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