Friday, October 03, 2008

A new vintage pattern

I bought this vintage pattern off of etsy - the top is very similar to one I used to have, with princess lines and lots of buttons. It was black and I remember replacing all of the original flat buttons with little round buttons (there were 16 or 17 of them, if I remember rightly) and it looked so awesome. I don't know what happened to that top - it either fell apart or I got too big for it.

Anyways, I bought the pattern and it arrived today. The listing said that it was in good condition but when I checked it, the collar piece was missing and there were three extra pieces in the pattern. I didn't think that "good" meant "incomplete + extra pieces" and honestly I was a little annoyed. I sent a message to the seller and she's giving me 20% off the purchase price (or a refund, but I'll take the 20% because I can draft a collar), which I appreciate.

I was looking at the pattern and instructions to try and figure out how the buttons and buttonholes are applied. These are the worst pattern instructions I've read, and that includes other vintage pattern instructions which are notoriously scarce. Apparently the dress need not have a collar but can have a sort of sweetheart neckline instead - but there's no picture anywhere of what that pattern would look like. As well, the picture makes it look like the top closes via buttons and loops, not buttons and buttonholes, but the instructions don't say anything about making button closures at all.

So when I get around to making the top, it'll be quite an adventure (and I might make a princess line in front, like in back, so it's more like the top I used to have). Fortunately, I've made tops like this before so I think I'll be ok.


Anonymous said...

I love that vintage pattern!! I noted the size and the measurements. Aren't they a little out of kilter with today?!


Chantelle said...

Yep, the measurements are different. Pattern measurements have changed a few times, but today a 34 bust would have a 26 1/2 waist and 36 hip.