Saturday, October 18, 2008

Most people don't sleep like this

Ian woke me up at a reasonable hour this morning so that I could get some stuff done. I guess I was still very, very tired when I got up because as I was sitting on the couch with my coffee, I sloooowly tipped my hand, spilling my coffee and dropping my coffee cup. I don't really remember this happening - it's sort of like I dreamed it, you know?

After the coffee was cleaned up, mostly by Ian, I fell back against the couch and slept for some amount of time. At least an hour, anyways. Again, I don't really remember what happened as it's all dream-fuzzy.

How weird is all that? I've been very tired this week (in addition to have the migraine), but I'm not really sure why that is. I did have an unpleasant experience the other day where I visited my late friend's husband and he tried to kiss me (not in a social way but on the lips) - I pushed him away and left but it freaked me out. I don't know if I've been sleeping so much because I was freaked out or if I'm fighting off some bug or something. We'll see, I guess.

Tomorrow we're on our way to Ottawa as we're seeing Coldplay on Monday night. We spent quite a bit of time this afternoon figuring out where to stay. We wanted to take public transport to the concert because we don't want to fight traffic on the way back (especially since we want to be up and out first thing Tuesday morning). We'll be staying very close to the place I lived during my second co-op term there.

We're leaving tomorrow and then Ian will be working on Monday while I shop and stuff. Although we have friends in Ottawa, I don't know if we'll have time to see everyone this trip. I am looking forward to the concert and to seeing a bit of Ottawa.


manchester fat acceptance said...

I wonder why you're so tired? Are you very depressed? I imagine you have a lot of worry and stuff right now, what with waiting to hear about the CT scan results etc. Your tiredness when you dropped the cup sounded a little unnatural/unusual for you. Maybe your Dr. may be able to help?

Glad to read you're going on a fun trip! Not so glad to read you've had a creepy man-experience, ick.


Robin said...

I've had that kind of sleep as well, when your body is sooooo tired it falls asleep while your brain remains a bit awake. I've been so tired I've fallen asleep sitting up at the computer and being aware of sounds around me but unable to respond to them. Like my brain registers the sound but files it as non-urgent. I've wondered at the snore as well....then realized it was me :)

If your body needs sleep, it will get it somehow. I hope you are feeling better :)

And yeah, ick about the guy *shudders*