Monday, October 06, 2008

Awash in memories

One of my sisters was given a stuffed animal made of fabric panels when she was very young. That animal was loved to death by her and was a huge fixture of my childhood. Today I found replacement panels! I was so excited because it was like bringing back my childhood to me.

Later on I came across an envelope addressed to me and Ian in my father's printing. As soon as I saw it, I burst into tears. It had contained a gift from my parents and I could just imagine my Dad addressing the envelope, excited (in his own way) about giving the gifts away. He liked to give us gifts.

Seeing my Dad's handwriting brought back another childhood memory. Leading up to one Christmas I was coming to believe that Santa didn't really exist but I wasn't sure of that one way or another. I wasn't sure how to prove it and so on Christmas morning, I compared the handwriting on the packages from Santa and from my Dad. They were the same and right then, I knew that Santa didn't exist.

I miss my Dad so very much. I think about him just about every day but this is the first time I've cried like this in weeks.

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