Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fall is here

I've finding that my everyday activities have been changing a bit to deal with the autumn in the air. I get chilled - and hot - really easily and I've started taking baths to warm up. And so after being a shower person my entire life, I think I'm becoming more of a bath person. I make it really hot and read my book and soak in the bath. I never really understood why people would want a hot tub or jacuzzi but I do now. Oh, the luxury!

I've always associated baths with my mom - when I was growing up, she had a bath most evenings. At that time, she was my age and I was at an age where I was really starting to see her as a separate person from me. Now that I'm the age she was then, I sort of feel like I understand her so much better than I did before. And so every time I find myself doing something that she does or did, I feel so much closer to her. I like this.

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Darling Jee said...

You might want to give these a try.

I found them when I was in St John's in June. They're supposedly opening up a Queen Street store but it's just as easy to order online. Really, they just smell so good I want to eat them! And they're lightly scented not like that awful other store which is so pungent it makes me angry whenever I walk by! I like the Goddess Lakshmi and the pumpkin marshmallows. Yummy :)