Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shopping, bellydancing, and Rock Band

I went to the new Fabricland in Stratford with a friend of mine - I haven't seen her in ages and was very glad to have seen her today. The Fabricland is bigger than the one I go to in Mississauga - in fact, it's about the same size as the Fabricland I used to go to that closed down in one of the malls. I did buy some fabric at 50% off and I'll be able to head there this next week if I want any Vogue patterns for $5.99 (which I probably will).

Even with all that shopping and chatting, I made it to bellydance to practice the choreography for the recitals April 6 and May 11. After that we did two hours of rather intense bellydance heart/chest movements.

I don't know if you knew, but people here were asked to turn their lights off/down for Earth hour between 8 and 9pm. Our sacrifice was to lay Rock Band in the dark with no lights or unnecessary machinery running. Lots of people around us turned their lights down, which was cool. And an even of Rock Band is always fun after a long shopping and bellydancing day.


Anonymous said...

I respected the dark day similarly by turning off my lights and watching a documentary I had. But I suspect that if I had left the light on and read a book without the tv on, I would have saved more energy :)
Love, Mom

Darling Jee said...

I powered down everything at my house. And then went out :) My friends invited me over for dinner and they have a baby (I'm their baby holder) so it was a real challenge to power down at their house. We couldn't get dinner made on time because baby was screaming for mommy so the oven was still on at 8 pm. And we had to have some music on because baby basically fusses and screams for most of the evening. Dad forgot to turn the basement light out which we didn't notice til 8.30. And then baby had to be changed at 8.45 because she did a HUGE POOP so then all the upstairs lights went on and both parents ran around cleaning up the HUGE POOP. Turns out you need more than just candlelight if you have a baby!