Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mid-Easter weekend

I bought more fabric at Fabricland today. I also got myself a membership there because I shop at that one so often. Ian saw the total price and asked me if that was my spring/summer clothing budget. Ummm, yes. :) We also got some fabric and notions to make drum bags; it looks like the raw materials are about $13 per bag. I'd hoped the bag would be about $20-25, so that'll probably work out perfectly.

I had a huge cry the other night, when my test results came back good. I couldn't stop thinking about how he would have been so happy for me and how relieved he would have been. The thought that my dad isn't going to be feeling anything - that I can't go to him with questions or when I'm worried - made me so sad. :(


Unknown said...

It is a very real loss when you can no longer share good news in the same way. I remember the sadness I felt when I couldn't tell my dad things that would have made him happy or proud. It is a shock because it is sadness that hits you in a moment of happiness. Eventually you accept sharing the good things with the part of your dad that is and always will be a part of you.

Anonymous said...

I understand about not being able to share things with your Dad. When I was in law school and studying for my Property exam, I learned why my Grandfather had not given Baba the land she wanted, but instead gave her the mineral rights to the land. And I was so excited, I ran up the stairs to call Baba and tell her that her lifelong bitterness was caused by an obscure law. But then I remembered: Baba had died years before. And that was the moment I realized, deep inside, that my mom was dead.
Love, Mom