Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I spent all day visiting with people today. My sister's new beau is very nice and thoughtful. When I spilled my water on me (I'm clumsy, as you may recall), he brought over a table that I could use for my water, without my even asking for one :) He's a good person, I think, and he definitely makes my sister and her kids happy. I'm happy about that - it's about time that they were happy :) My one nephew has a cool chair thing that he uses for his video games. My other nephew is working on a cool train set, too. It was weird - today I realized that my nephew knew more about something (his trains) than I did. Does that make me old? :)

My sister and I went to see Saw III. I didn't like it as much as Saw II or even Saw. It was much, much gorier than either of the first two movies - I suppose there's a good reason for that, but I didn't like all of the gore. The acting was on par with the first Saw movie, by which I mean it was terrible. As well, the story was somewhat difficult to follow, as there were several parts to the story that went nowhere and were never resolved. There were fewer puzzles in this movie as well - I really enjoyed the psychological puzzle aspect to the other movies. Overall, I kind of felt that it was a gorier and dumbed-down version of the previous two movies, and I didn't like that. I wouldn't recommend this movie if you liked the first two movies. If you didn't like them, or you like a gory movie, then you might like this one.

I also saw each of the two friends that I've known the longest. I've known them for 25 and 24 years! I never thought when I met either of them that I would know them this long, but I'm glad that I do :)

My one friend is married and has a son who's about 2 (I seem to know of a lot of people with kids who are about 2 - was there something in the water back then?), and I got to see her son and husband. The son is super cute and super smart :) At one point, during lunch, she asked me if I was scared and I basically fell apart. Yes, I'm very scared. It's one thing to intellectually know that I'm going to die and quite another to be emotionally ready for it. I know that it's a ways off, but I'm still afraid. I don't want to die, and it isn't fair that I know that I'm going to leave Ian and my friends behind. One of the waitstaff brought over a box of kleenex which was much appreciated. The rest of the visit was less teary, of course :)

My other friend and I had coffee (well, decaf coffee, but that still counts) this evening and chatted and caught up on everything. It was great to see her, too - she's doing pretty well these days, although she's busy at work and stuff. She's also quite involved with her church and is doing missionary work. It's awesome to think that she's traveling to all these places to help these communities! I don't think that I could do something like that - I'm certainly not selfless enough, and I admire her for both her selflessness and courage in doing this work.

I really enjoyed seeing all these people today. Everyone is busy with their own lives, and it's great to reconnect with the people I love that I haven't seen for ages. I don't get to see my friends or family very much, and I do miss them - it means a lot to me to see everyone. I also hope that I get to see my other friends later in the week; I haven't known them as long (only 15 years or so :), but I miss them, too.

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