Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ian's surgery

Ian had his arthroscopic knee surgery today. He needed it because of a juggling injury a few years back - they were playing a game called "combat", where a bunch of jugglers juggle three balls and each juggler tries to make the other jugglers drop their balls. He planted his foot and twisted his knee funny. It's similar to a basketball injury.

The surgery went well and Ian is doing fine. He says that he doesn't have much pain and that he just has some stiffness in the knee. He had good colour and appetite this evening and he keeps saying he's fine, so I think he'll be ok :) He's not allowed to shower for 48 hours after surgery, and so we will most likely stay at his parent's house for at least that long.

The hospital where Ian had the surgery isn't quite as nice as the one where I've had my surgeries. When you have surgery, they check you in and make you change into one of those gowns with a gown overtop, and then send you back into the waiting area until it's time to go into the OR. In this hospital, the waiting area is a hallway. Really. It's a wide hallway with a view of the outside, which was nice, but it was a hallway nonetheless. I know that I would be uncomfortable waiting in the gown and stuff in a hallway where anyone could walk in. To be fair, there was apparently another waiting area where Ian could have waited once he had the gown on, but it was full and Ian's mom and I couldn't go there. Ian was fine with the waiting area, though - in general, he's much more relaxed than I am :)

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