Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More than enough travels

I think that I ate something that didn't agree with me at the party yesterday. I was up in the night with tummy troubles, and I'm still not feeling completely better. I didn't go to my Well-fit session today because I was worried that it would not go well for my tummy. However, we still had to drive to Mississauga today because Ian's surgery is tomorrow afternoon. It was snowing quite heavily in Waterloo when we started out, and I was afraid that the drive would be awful but the weather cleared up.

Once we got to Ian's parent's house, I realized that I had left my Oxycontin in Waterloo. I thought that I had brought it but I guess I didn't. I had the Percocet, but if I take that then I'm not allowed to drive - it would be difficult to get either one of us back to Waterloo in that case. What kind of idiot forgets a crucial medication when they travel? One like me :) I felt really stupid once I realized that I'd forgot the pills. So we drove back to Waterloo to pick up my pills and then back again to Mississauga. I hadn't really planned to drive that much - especially with my tummy not feeling very well - but it worked out ok. The weather was fine and traffic wasn't too heavy.

I am finding that I'm quite forgetful lately. I'll be certain that I've done something, and then it'll turn out that I didn't do it, or that I forgot to do part of it. They said that one of the side effects of the oophorectomy and Femara (due to a lack of estrogen) would be cognitive difficulties, and it seems that I'm experiencing that side effect :( It isn't as bad as the last time I had cancer treatments, but it sucks. I'm going to have to start making lists of things. Ian doesn't believe in lists; but I find that if I write stuff down and have to check off that I've done something, I'm more likely to get everything done. Provided that I don't lose my lists :)

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