Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Optometrist's appointment

I got my pupils dilated today at the optometrist's office, just like Gozer did when she saw the eye doctor. And just like Gozer, I have a small cataract in my right eye. We're like twins!

Seriously, I have a small cataract in my right eye. My optometrist had thought I had Mittendorf's spot in my left eye but the spot that just appeared in the right eye can't be the same thing (since it's a genetic malformation) so now she's thinking that the spot in the left eye is also a small cataract.

The spots aren't affecting my vision at this point so I can pretend they're not there. My ego is taking a bit of a blow because cataracts like this are a normal part of aging and are a sign that I'm getting older. I don't mind living more years if I didn't actually have to age.

Someday, if the cataracts get bad enough, the lenses can be taken out and replaced with artificial lenses.... which could also give me near-perfect vision. I don't want cataracts and I certainly don't want my vision to dim, but the possibility of having really good vision sets my heart a-fluttering with longing. Wouldn't it be awesome if I lived long enough to be able to see without thick lenses?

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manchester fat acceptance said...

cataracts, wow. that is interesting. it's good they are small enough to ignore at this point, but i understand the wish to live without corrective lenses!


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