Monday, March 11, 2013

Appointment and the house

I received a call from the cancer center today with my appointment with the lymphedema physiotherapist. The appointment is scheduled for this Thursday at 11am. I'm thrilled that they got me in so quickly as my oncologist wasn't sure that they booked took urgent appointments.

Unfortunately, the hour-long physio appointment conflicts with my metalsmithing class. I'll still be able to go to class but I already had to leave early so I'll only be there for an hour or so. Of course I don't know whether I'll be up for doing any actual metalsmithing after the appointment so it's just as well I won't be there that long.

I need to leave early because Thursday afternoon is the only day that my cleaning person can come. I have a harder time than usual doing things around the house what with the lymphedema and she hasn't been here for five weeks so I'm willing to sacrifice some metalsmithing time for her to come. Of course it's March break so she'll have her two boys with her but I'm willing to put up with that just to get the house cleaned.

Five weeks ago she cancelled her appointment with me because her dad had just been admitted to hospital with pneumonia for the third time in four months. I understand how heartbreaking that can be so I asked her to let me know how things were going and that we'd reschedule when things settled down.

I heard nothing from her until just over three weeks ago, when she said she needed to cancel our appointment because she needed to see her dad. He'd been released from hospital but she wanted to visit him. The only time she offered to reschedule was on the weekend which didn't work for Ian at all - he's been busy travelling and with work and he wants to relax on the weekends.

At first the only other option she gave me was our next appointment which would mean that our house wouldn't be cleaned for six weeks and that's just not going to work. Therefore, I'm sacrificing my privacy and my time to get the house cleaned.

I am, however, starting to look for another cleaner. My cleaner is a nice person but I need someone a little more reliable. If you know of a good, reliable cleaner in my area, please let me know.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

wow that is so soon for your appointment! hopefully you'll get that lymphedema figured out (and a new cleaner as well).