Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Pretty Gozer

We had Gozer groomed today because she was looking quite scruffy. After grooming she looks so little! Her little spindly legs barely even look strong enough to hold up her body. Her hair is so soft now: it looks and feels just like velvet.

It's actually amazing that she looks as good as she does, considering that the grooming didn't go well. She was a little fussy while her face was being trimmed but that's totally normal. What was abnormal was that while she was being dried under the dryer she was screaming and screaming and screaming. I didn't know that dogs could scream but it seems that they can - there are videos out there, apparently, although I didn't watch or listen to them because I didn't want to freak out my dog.

I know that Gozer doesn't like the hairdryer at home or the sound of the dryer at the groomers but she's never screamed like that before. We're going to work on getting her comfortable with the sound of our hairdryer with treats. We'll start by just turning on the hairdryer and giving her a treat and we'll work up to actually blowing the dryer on her for a while before she gets groomed next. I don't want my furbaby so scared that she's screaming at the groomer's.

Fortunately, even though she obviously had a trying time at the groomer's, Gozer is doing just fine. She was quite cuddly today (or maybe that was me?) and also quite playful. She had a great time running around the yard while chasing her outside ball. She also saw one of the neighbourhood's black cats and wanted to chase it or play with it. In other words, she behaved just like she normally does - and she looked great while doing normal dog-like things.

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