Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Backyard landscaping

Earlier this month we signed a contract for a company to do some landscaping in our backyard. We wanted steps added going up the hill as well as new perennial beds created between the steps and the waterfall. The contractor we picked showed up yesterday morning, much to our surprise. He'd said that he thought the work would start this week but he didn't confirm that with us so imagine our surprise when the workers showed up yesterday morning at 8:20am!

Of course I hadn't ordered the plants yet because they needed to know when the contractor wanted them and he hadn't told us that. It turns out that he really wanted them yesterday which wasn't going to happen but I think they were able to get them ready for him today. They won't need the plants until at least tomorrow anyways because planting is just about the last thing to be done.

Those guys work fast! Yesterday they took out the sod where the steps and bed are going, destumped all of the huge birch stumps left over from when we cut them down, placed a few large rocks, and dug out the trench for the french drain weeping tile. Today they built and covered the french drain, placed more rocks, and got most of the steps in place. At the rate they're going, we can most likely decide where the plants are all going tomorrow and they'll be done by Friday at the latest. The workers are also careful to keep things tidy when they leave for the day which is something we appreciate. Had we hired our contractor neighbour to do it, it would have taken ages for his guys to finish the job and they would have left a mess.

We're very excited to see that it isn't going to take long to get all this work done because we're going to get to enjoy our new landscaping all summer long. How amazing is that?

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