Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh, Gozer

Gozer is an adorable dog most of the time but she can go a little overboard. Did you know that dogs can get grass stains on their fur? No? Me, either. I know that clothes get grass stains but those clothes are made of things like cotton, not dog fur. I guess Gozer wasn't satisfied with her her cow-spot markings and wanted to add a little colour to her look. She's got a new greenish yellow spot in the middle of her back and smaller spots on her shoulders and chest.

I think she got the grass stains on her shoulders and chest from bracing herself while rubbing her face on the ground. I used to think her eyes were itchy but now I wonder whether it's her sinuses or nose that are itchy. Either way, bracing her shoulder or chest against the grass while rubbing her face gives her grass stains. I have no idea how she got the grass stain on her back, however. Sure, she's a dog and she rolls around like all dogs do... but I didn't think it was possible for her to roll hard enough to grind her back into the ground.

I'm sure I should be grateful that she's not adding poo or rotten vegetable stains (and smells) to her formerly lovely coat. Funny, though, I don't feel grateful. While I love that she's comfortable being a dog, I also feel a bit annoyed that she's so determined to make herself look and smell as awful as possible. Is staying away from the grass too much to ask?

Edited to add: it's hard to stay mad at her when she's licking my feet. That's one doggy behaviour of hers that I'd like her to keep. :)

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Anonymous said...

Our dog has white paws and they always turn bright green after we mow the lawn. Perhaps that's what happened to Gozer? We just leave them alone and the stains disappear in short order. One of the joys of spring!