Monday, May 21, 2012

Mostly restful weekend

I'm still tired so I didn't do much this weekend. Plus, it was crazy warm out there with temperatures reaching near 30C and we decided that hiding in the basement was a better choice that working outside.

We did manage to get out and do some stuff. Today, for example, we sprayed nematodes on the lawn. Our lawn is looking patchy in part because of the grubs and we'd wanted to try getting rid of them. Applying nematodes is faith-based lawn care, in a way, because the nematodes are microscopically small so we can't see them and it's hard to tell if the application is working. I guess I could take a look at them under a microscope and see them if I wanted to do that. I could also, I suppose, try to estimate the number of grubs under  the grass both before and after the treatment. However, I'm much too lazy to do that so I'm going to assume that we didn't apply the lawn care equivalent of snake-oil to our lawn.

My lupins are starting to bloom and wow, do they look great! Well, one of them does: it has nearly 30 blooms coming up right now and every leaf stalk is standing straight up. There are two little ones that are growing from last year's seed and they're doing fine as well.

The other large one has only about 15 blooms coming up and many of its stalks are bent over. It's got aphids and it doesn't get quite as much sun as the other big one gets so the aphids have affected it to a huge extent. Thankfully, there aren't nearly as many aphids on the plant as there were last year because I've been killing them. Now that the flowers are out I'll have to keep a very close eye on the aphids because they love the flowers most of all. At least the lupins will look good for a couple of weeks.

I've made some progress on the aprons as well. I decided to use a good-quality cotton broadcloth for the neck and waist straps: I'll just make a one-inch wide bias strap for the neck and make one-inch wide straight-grain straps for the waist. I'd like to extend the neck straps down to the waist as well because I think it would look awesome but I need to cost it out and make sure it doesn't take too much fabric or time to make. I thought I had everything figured out and I was good to go but then I realized that I'd made a mistake in my calculations (an apron needs two waist straps, not one). I think I can still make it work but I need to do some figuring.

The rest of the weekend we spent watching tv or playing video games. It was very relaxing and I'm feeling a bit more well-rested - just in time for a busy week.

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