Saturday, February 11, 2012

My fun day out

I was feeling ok this morning so I was able to go out shopping with my friend - and enjoy it! I had a great time shopping and catching up with her today. She's starting a new job and needed a few pieces to round out her work wardrobe. Before we set out we went through her existing wardrobe so that we knew exactly what she needed: at least one pair of pants and tops with some colour.

We managed to find exactly what she was looking for at the Jones New York outlet! I was very impressed with their selection and the fit of their clothes because the clothes are made to fit real women with real curves. The pants she bought fit her perfectly and were very attractive and slimming (and on sale!). She also found a few tops in brighter colours that fit her very well and are flattering. Everything she bought coordinates with her existing wardrobe so now she has lots of mix and match wardrobe options. She'll be well-dressed and gorgeous at her job.

We had a light lunch while we were out and unfortunately the nausea returned afterward. I did have a yummy brownie that had a lot of fat in it so I wonder if there's something going on with my gallbladder or something. One of my sisters had hers out years ago because it wasn't working and if I remember rightly, she had symptoms similar to mine: nausea that almost feels like you should eat but if you do (or if I drink water) it gets worse, plus some abdominal pain. The pain isn't that bad but it's there sometimes.

My system does tend to be delicate so it's possible that it's out of balance somehow and that's what's causing the problem. I did have some pain a few days ago and had to take extra painkillers which may have caused some extra constipation even though I don't think I'm constipated. Whatever is causing this nausea, I wish it would stop because it's interfering with my life.

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