Friday, February 03, 2012

Gozer is doing so well

I haven't been working on the red carpet post as much as I thought I would have because I got sucked into the world of eBay. There are pages and pages and pages of sparkly gemstones there that I couldn't resist looking at and, in some cases, buying.

I also went in to talk to the person at the vet's about Gozer and her behaviour modification program. She's doing really well: she's barking less at other dogs, she's whining much less, and she's calming down more easily. The person and I agreed that Gozer must have been very stressed at the groomers to not take her favourite treat, and we decided that this person will be there the next time Gozer gets groomed.

I also talked about how Gozer's behaviour at night has changed. I don't know if I mentioned this or not but Gozer clearly doesn't want to go on her evening walk with Ian. When he says, "walk," she turns towards me and climbs up me ass far as she can. Then when Ian guides her down to the floor, she runs around and under the coffee table to try and avoid Ian. After that, if Ian hasn't grabbed her collar, she runs to the other side of my chair and tries to jump up onto my chair. Finally, I either have to lead her upstairs or Ian has to lead her by the collar.

Gozer has also not been as interested in going on walks lately; she doesn't run to the front door like she used to and when the booties and collar go on her she starts backing away from the door.

The person at the vet's thinks that the booties, possibly along with the collar, might be to blame for this behaviour. Gozer used to love to go on walks and over the last few weeks she hasn't wanted to go, so what the person suggested was to not use the booties at all. Fortunately, the weather is good so that's not a tough decision :) The booties used to be sitting at the front door and I've moved them out of sight. Hopefully that will make the difference. Her behaviour at night is awfully cute in a sad and pathetic way but it's not good behaviour.

I think I've looked at all of the sparkly gemstones on eBay that I can so now I'll have some time to finish up this red carpet post.

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