Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Gozer's first grooming

Gozer looks much prettier and cleaner and is much softer to the touch now that she's been groomed. Fortunately she doesn't smell too much from the shampoo and conditioner and whatever else they put into her hair. She didn't get a full grooming; instead, she got what might be called "grooming-lite". She was bathed, her hair was trimmed, and her nails were clipped. By doing just this amount the groomer and Gozer can start developing a relationship.

The groomer said that Gozer was very good and that she didn't bark at all. Gozer didn't take the treat that the groomer gave her, however. They have her favourite treats there and for her not to take her favourite treat tells me that she was very scared. Poor girl. She'll have to get used to it because she needs to be groomed regularly.

The groomer was surprised at how wildly curly Gozer's hair is; I think the multi-directional curl makes it difficult to trim the hairs to the same length. it also makes her hair very prone to matting, as I've already discovered. The groomer said that Gozer should be combed every day instead of brushing her (which I've been trying to do every day) because the brush won't get into the mats.

I'm still working on the SAG red carpet post but it's coming along.

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