Thursday, January 29, 2009

This, that, and the other thing

Project Runway Canada is back! They're in Ottawa this time and I'm quite curious about where they'll buy fabric there. I'd been looking for an awesome PRC-caliber fabric store when I was there but I didn't really find one. Next time I'm there I'll have to go to the store they pick.

I also watched a bit of this show called Blush, a reality series looking for the next makeup artist. It's the only show I've seen where the guys apply makeup to themselves as carefully as girls do. There's a guy there who is even more flamboyant than Austin Scarlett. Yes. He is. At judging, he had a wig on or had curled his hair into tight 18th-century curls and was wearing a black skirt, flip-flops, and a top with a black lace jabot. His makeup was also interesting (and of course well-done!). Even more notable, he fanned himself with a black lace fan. I think I'll be wanting to watch more of this series :)

I traced out and graded a new pattern - a basic sheath, 50's style - and sewed up a trial, and I'm thrilled with it! It needs some adjustment, of course, mainly because I mis-measured the waist (silly me!), but it fits well. I could tell that I liked it, because after I'd finished making all the adjustments to the trial, I posed in front of the mirror for a while. Even though it's just a trial and so is basically a throw-away garment, I loved the way I looked and felt in the dress. I can't wait until I make up the dress in "real" fabric. I'm also hoping to turn this dress into something that I can use as a block to adjust into other styles.

So that's all pretty good news. My back is still quite painful, which isn't so good. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but when my back hurts, so does my left leg. I guess that whatever causes the pain is pinching a nerve in the leg. I've also been noticing that some of the muscles in that leg feel weak when I move them in certain ways. I guess the pain is sort of like sciatica, except that it doesn't go to my toes (it stops at my mid-hamstring) and it hurts and is weak on the outer part of the leg. I did mention this to the physiotherapist a couple of weeks ago and she said that I should try to strengthen the leg.

Anyways, my back was in agony this afternoon so I took some painkillers so I could go went to curling tonight. I fell while delivering a couple of rocks because of my left leg, and while sweeping a rock my left leg just gave way and I fell. All of a sudden my leg just wouldn't bear my weight.

I tell you, having my leg just crumple like that freaked me out. Ian saw it happen and it freaked him out, too. I don't really know how or why this would have happened. At least I see my oncologist on Tuesday and I expect to be seeing my family doctor soon - hopefully they can tell me what's going on. I want the pain to go away and for my legs to work properly.

Clearly I won't be curling tomorrow... or possibly for a while. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like it was really scary! Hopefully you've just got something out of whack. Too bad about your curling though.
Love, Mom