Monday, January 12, 2009

Home again

I arrived back in Waterloo last night. Leaving Edmonton felt bittersweet as I had a wonderful time with my friends and family, but I missed Ian so much.

This year's Christmas visit was longer than usual as I was there for over two weeks, and I'm really glad that I stayed so long this year. 2008 was such a difficult year with so many losses that I wanted to spend some time connecting with my loved ones. I felt that I accomplished that goal :)

I was thrilled to stay with my mom and her cat because she made her home so warm, welcoming, and comfortable. I loved getting to know my mom and my sisters again by spending time with each of them together and separately. I really enjoyed watching tv and movies and shopping and hanging out with each of them; I felt at home and comfortable and happy. It was a great visit and it was hard to leave.

Of course I'm happy to be home with Ian :) As much as I enjoyed my visit, it's good to be home.

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