Monday, October 29, 2007

Magazines and movies

I'd subscribed to a bunch of magazines and I got the first one - Elle Canada - today. I thought I'd asked on the little card for perfume-free issues, but that isn't what I got. In fact, I think I got extra perfume samples. When I buy a magazine off a newsstand, there might be two or three perfume inserts. My magazine had FIVE. Five!!! What a ridiculous number! How could any one scent be distinguishable in that perfumery? I've sent them an email asking how I get perfume-free issues. I'd rather not get the magazine if it's going to smell like that.

I also went out today and bought a bunch of DVDs that were on sale. I got Dreamgirls (I hadn't seen it, Children of Men (seen it, but it's worth watching multiple times), Murderball, Saw, Saw II, and Saw III.

I'm watching Dreamgirls now. It's pretty good even if it is a musical :) I love the eye makeup on the ladies - they all look like they have these beautiful doe eyes. I wish I could make my eyes look like that; next time I dress up, maybe I'll try :)

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