Sunday, October 21, 2007

I need more pants

Remember I bought new pants because I'd gained weight and my old pants didn't fit anymore? Well, that must be a surefire way to LOSE weight, because most of those pants are now a little bit to a lot bit too big :) The jeans are definitely too big and I don't like the colour of my other jeans. In the hopes of finding nice jeans that fit, I spent the afternoon trying on pants.

You know, I love shopping, but a whole afternoon of trying on pants and having them not fit is less fun than my usual shopping experience. I tried on 10 pairs of pants at Mark's Work Wearhouse and bought one pair that was on sale and that fit. They have some amazing jeans there - some of them have something called "CurveTech" that is supposed to make your butt look full, firm, and high. What it is is a layer of strong mesh inside the jean but it wasn't strong enough for my butt, I'm afraid. I'm not sure that there's anything short of surgery that could make my butt look any of full or firm or high - and certainly not all three at the same time!

I tried on another 18 pairs of jeans at Winners, which was basically everything they had in my size in that store. I had no luck at all there :( The only thing I came away with was a scrapey mark on my left leg from their theft-marking device. Sigh.

I hope to look at some other stores over the next little while. For now, I'm back in Mississauga and so I'll do some more relaxing here.

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Darling Jee said...

Pants schmants. I wish I could just make my own. I cannot believe you tried on 10 pairs of pants and 18 pairs of jeans. Good for you. I am starting to think that pants are almost impossible to find when you need them. For months, I have been looking for casual pants because I hate stretch jeans. And let me just say I'm understating that. I want to have a big barrel fire with my stretch jeans.

Last week, I found 3 pairs of pants in some weird sort of serendipity thing. A friend dragged me to the mall and, while we were there, I found a pair of dress pants (RW&Co) and brown cords (Mango) which fit perfectly. Then another friend dragged me to the H&M warehouse sale and I found another pair of greenish cords. Which is weird because I had tried on 3 pairs of pants at H&M at the mall. Next up: hemming.