Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I got to go to bellydancing today! I wasn't sure if I would because I've been dog-sitting the last few days. I'd planned to take a ball stability class on Tuesday nights but it's been canceled so I'm taking a veil class!!!!! I'd wanted to take the veil class before but I couldn't justify taking three bellydance classes this term (I take a class on Thursdays, too).

I love veils - they're so beautiful on stage. They do require a lot of work, though. Imagine keeping your arms straight and up for an hour... that's what my class was like. Thank goodness I've been working out and have started swimming lessons. My arms and shoulders look very strong in the mirror :).

Interestingly, because I'm taking the veil class AND the Thursday class, I'll be in the recital twice. Of course this means that I'll have to learn two choreographies. I think that what they're doing is taking a single song and each class has a two or three minute segment of the song in which to do a dance. It makes the recital move much faster and kind of pulls it together, too. I'll have to get a veil; usually they're silk crepe de chine and I think I might have some red sari fabric in the right weight.

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