Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman in 3D

Today we went to see Superman in IMAX 3D. The movie was ok - it was your standard comic book-type movie. Considering that the movie wasn't shot in 3D, the 3D post-production stuff was pretty well done. The 3D rendering isn't perfect yet (we're certainly not at the level of a Star Trek holodeck, for example :), but it was ok. The trailers for the 3D animated features like Ant Bully looked awesome, though.

The experience was marred a bit by this family of 6 or so that ended up sitting in front and to the right of us. Some family members arrived after the movie had started, disrupting people during the opening sequences. They brought a 3 or 4 year old child who was clearly not prepared to sit still and keep quiet through the entire movie - and in fact, this child spent the entire movie running from family member to family member and babbling loud enough for the entire theatre to hear. One person that was late made two calls on his cellphone during the movie. Grrrrr. People seem so much ruder in the movie theatre now than they used to be.

While I'm ranting, they've made the appointment for the ultrasound on July 17. I'm supposed to get the results on July 13. Sigh. I've already called and asked them to move the appointment up - this is the third appointment they've booked, and the third appointment I've had to ask them to move up. There's no good reason to have to wait that long for an ultrasound (or for the bone scan, or for the oncologist). They are going to get tired of me calling and asking them to change each appointment, that's for sure....

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