Sunday, June 25, 2006

Shopping and videos

I was finally able to buy a rashguard today. My left breast, collarbone, and shoulder are not supposed to be exposed to the sun since they were irradiated when I had the previous cancer treatments. Standard bathing suits leave parts of those areas exposed, and the solution to the problem comes from surfer culture. Surfers wear rashguards over bathing suits and under wetsuits to prevent rashes and irritation from the surfboard or wetsuit. They're made out of bathing suit material and may have sleeves of some kind.

I also bought board shorts. Board shorts are longer shorts that can be immersed in water. They provide more coverage for my hips and thighs than a regular bathing suit does. :)

Anyways, I bought these so that I can go out onto the water without worrying about damaging my skin or feeling self-conscious.

In other news, we've been adding some content to our site. Check out our Mitchell dragonboat videos and our chipmunk videos.

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