Friday, June 30, 2006

My friend's day

I went shopping today at Yorkdale and Square One with a friend of mine. She's going to a wedding in 4 or 5 weeks and needed an outfit. We figured that it was best if we got the shoes first, because it's hard to find shoes for her (and I know from past experience that if you have an idea for a specific shoe in your head that you might not find it.... but it's easy enough to make an outfit, if it comes to that). Luckily, we did find shoes today at Yorkdale - they look fabulous and she got them 25% off because they needed a minor repair that she can easily do :) We spent the rest of the time looking for a dress. We didn't find one, but we did eliminate types of dresses from consideration. Therefore, it was a very productive day.

That same friend turned 28 today, and her husband had a BBQ this evening for her. It was fun. The food was yummy (he made a great potato salad and cake) and the company was good.

There were three babies at the BBQ that were all under a year old. It wasn't as hard to see and be around them as I thought it might be - I'd been a bit worried about that, since, well, I won't be able to have them. I find it difficult to be around very small newborns, but apparently that feeling doesn't extend to eight- or nine-month old babies.

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