Saturday, June 24, 2006


Today the SilverMasters paddled at the Mitchell Dragonboat Festival (aka the "Riverboat on the Thames Jamboree"). It was the first event of the SilverMaster season, and we came in 5th overall. That's not too bad :). We spent the day under sunny skies, low humidity, and a light breeze.

Things I liked about the event:
  • The portalets were clean and handwashing facilities were provided.
  • There were flush toilets available.
Ok, those don't sound like much to like... until you've spent all day at an event like this with too few portalets that aren't cleaned through the day. We always take hand sanitizer with us to these events :)

Things I didn't like about the event:
  • The organizers allowed a team that was visibly drunk to get into a boat. That team almost swamped and capsized, and should never have gone onto the water.
  • The people seemed a bit unfriendly.
  • No recycling facilities were provided.
  • The event took forever and was somewhat disorganized, especially at the start line.
  • There was a ton of poo all over the loading dock and in the viewing areas. We think it was goose poo. Or at least, that's what we hope it was.
I won't go back to this event. Clean portalets don't make up for all of the other problems :)

In other news, I'm going to paddle with the team for the next few weeks, until the next treatment steps start. I'm hoping that I can paddle in Waterloo on July 15 and maybe St. Catherines on July 22.

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