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Screen Actor's Guild Awards 2014 Red Carpet

I bet you didn't think you'd get another red carpet post so soon after the last one! Well, you're in luck - it's awards season and I'm interested in what they're wearing this year. I don't think I usually look at the SAG Awards red carpet but I figured that I finished the Golden Globes post in time so why not do this one?

Enjoy the pretty (and not so pretty, and downright strange)...

Oprah Winfrey in Badgley Mischka
She looks lovely here; this dress is quite flattering to her figure and skin tone.

Sarah Paulson in Rochas
This dress looks suspiciously like the last one, with the same awkward and unflattering length and silhouette, except it's much less sparkly. Did she decide to wear only this silhouette for the entire award season?

Patricia Arquette
I didn't think it was possible for a star to look frumpy on a red carpet but here's proof that it's possible. The dress would work so much better if it was smaller - ie her actual size - not so tight around the bicep, and shorter.

Anna Chlumsky in Sophie Theallet
She looks amazing here. The dress is so flattering and that white highlight elevates it from basic to gorgeous.

Emma Thompson in a 1930s William vintage dress
Remember how she got up on stage at the Golden Globes holding her high-heeled shoes because they were uncomfortable? Clearly flats are the better choice for her :) I do love that she wore vintage to both that event and this one, and I wonder if she'll be wearing vintage for the entire season.

Keisha Whitaker in Georges Chakra Couture with Forest Whitaker
The purple colour is gorgeous! I also love that this dress is sleeveless as it makes a refreshing change form the recent strapless dress trend.

Elisabeth Moss in Michael Kors
She's such a beautiful woman and yet almost never wears truly flattering dresses. This dress isn't awful but it also doesn't do much for her figure or skin tone. 

Sofia Vergara in Donna Karan Atelier
I love this dress, and not just because I'm a sucker for sparkly, shiny things. It fits, it flatters, and it's gorgeous against her skin tone. 

Melissa Rauch in Rubin Singer Couture
I love the fabric that was used in this dress with its soft shine and body. The dress is nice, too, with the extra fabric embellishments at the neckline and hip. Sadly, black isn't the best colour for her. Imagine this in deep blue - now that would be gorgeous.

Isla Fisher in Oscar de la Renta
Gasp! She looks so gorgeous in this slinky, sexy, and beautifyul dress. She reminds me of a old-timey film star; all she would need is a luxurious (faux) fur stole to complete that look.

Amy Adams in Antonio Berardi
I didn't love the neckline at first but the more I look at it, the more it grows on me. There's something about the shapes the neckline and sleeve create that are interesting and unusual. Plus the colour is awesome.

Edie Falco in Lanvin
As I scrolled down on this picture, my thoughts went from "cool, butterflies!" to "omg, mullet with a train!" It looks unbalanced and just isn't attractive. The overall look isn't helped by the strappy sandals, which cut off her ankles.

Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen
This dress almost works. The shoulders are a little heavy for my taste, and the embellishments on the hips make them look wider than they are, and her boobs are squished out of proportion, but the colour is lovely and the idea embellishment concept could work.

Laura Carmichael in Vionnet
This is another dress that has grown on me. I like the simple shape and the hip embellishment. I do wish the colour was less drab and more.... something.

Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior
First things first: this dress is much too tight. She even joked that this dress gave her armpit vaginas, presumably because it's so tight. If it fit her properly it would be lovely, of course. What I love about this dress is the fabric because it looks like she's wearing the night sky - as though she's covered in galaxies. It's beautiful.

Camilla Alves in Donna Karan Atelier
Aside from the colour, the heavy draping on the hips, and the fact that her bust is popping out, this dress is ok.

Cara Theobold in Alice by Temperley
The dress itself is well-fitted but the sleeves seem to be just a bit too full and the embellishments are just a bit too close to her skin colour for my taste. Still, it's interesting and unusual.

Hannah Simone in Marchesa
This is a lovely wedding dress, don't you think? It would be gorgeous on a beach if it were the right length and had a belt.

Amanda Peet
This is kind of weird and was considered to be one of the worst dresses on this red carpet. There's too much going on for this to really work; had the same fabrics and embellishments been used throughout and had the sleeves not been poufy and elbow length, this might have worked better.

Shaun Robinson in David Meister Signature
Oh this is so beautiful. That bodice is stunning and oh-so-flattering and the skirt is perfect. I am completely, utterly in love.

Meryl Streep in Stella McCartney
There's something very 80s about this off-the shoulder, below-the-knee dress. It looks comfortable and fits her, and her shoes definitely work with it. What I love best are her glasses, because again she's wearing them. 

Abigail Breslin in Chagoury Couture
I'm not sure why she's posing with her elbows behind her waist. Maybe it's so that we won't notice the black, strapless mermaid dress with the black shrug she's wearing which, while not exactly unflattering, is a little plain.  

Juliette Lewis in Vivienne Westwood
Oh, I completely love this dress, too. It's just so gorgeous in every way: from the style with that beautiful neckline, waist, and hips; to the base colour, which is beautiful both on its own and against her skin; to the large digital print, which is the perfect scale. I love love love love love love everything about this gown: she looks simply stunning.

Lupita Nyong'o in Gucci
The flower neckline thing is a bit odd but it works to elevate this dress form basic to interesting. The colour and fit are perfect for her.

Carice van Houten in Christian Dior
There's a slight mullet here but it's so unnoticeable that we can overlook it. I do love the pockets but there's something about this that doesn't work for her. Maybe it's the colour, which is too harsh? Or maybe it's that the bodice is weird?

Lena Headey in Jenny Packham
This is a rather bold choice. I don't mind stripes, myself, but the colours used here don't suit her. If her hair wasn't quite so harsh this look might have worked. Maybe.

Pauley Perrette
This dress appeared on the worst-dressed list because many felt it was too heavy, too black, and her makeup was too pale. I guess they have a point but I like this dress; it fits her and the shoulder straps add interest. She could use more jewellery to complete the look but I wouldn't say that she's one of the worst-dressed here.

Sibel Kekilli in Max Mara
I didn't know that it was possible for a dress to make one's boobs look squished and like they were sagging to the waist. Now we know.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Monique Lhullier
Although her bust looks a little weird, overall this is a lovely dress. It fits and the colour is gorgeous on her.

Maria Menounos in Rani Zakhem
This dress isn't all bad but it does look a little like armor, especially in the way that the breasts are so well defined. Had they been a bit subtler, this dress might have been awesome.

Malin Ackerman in Naeem Khan
There's a whole lot of embellishment going on here. Maybe a bit too much?

Elisabeth Rohm in Marchesa
This dress is pretty with its delicate colouring and we know it isn't a wedding dress because it's form-fitting. 

Anna Gunn in Monique Lhullier
Now this is a gorgeous form-fitting (but not too tight) sparkly dress. The colour is spectacular against her skin.

Julie Bowen in Carolina Herrera
Many people disliked this dress because of the crazy print. I don't dislike it but I think it might be a better choice for a different event.

Katrina Bowden in Badgley Mischka
While the soft sheen is gorgeous, I don't think it pairs all that well with the neck embellishments. Still, the dress fits and she looks lovely.

Mindy Kaling in David Meister
Whoever said that draping was universally flattering was wrong. The cowl neckline and the hip draping just don't flatter her figure..

Julia Roberts in Valentino
Not only is she wearing a pepto-bismol pink jumpsuit without adequate bust support but the crotch on that thing is bizarre. This jumpsuit should never have seen the light of day.

Giselle Blondet
This is more of a strapless mermaid prom dress than a red carpet dress.  

Kerry Washington in Prada
This outfit makes her look fat and we know she's pregnant. How can someone who chose such an awesome outfit for the Golden Globes choose something so unflattering for the next weekend? 

Mayim Bialik in Rachel Livingston
She is Jewish and always appears with her arms covered, which makes it difficult for her to find a suitable dress. She loved this dress and looks happy in it. Personally, I don't find it as flattering as it could be (the skirt is a little too full for my taste, and it's a mullet with a train), but I do like the lace and the black lining. 

Sarah Hyland in Pamella Roland
You know, I don't mind this kind of mullet dress as much as others; there's something about the proportion and shape of the hem that is quite attractive. Now that I think about it, I love this dress; it looks awesome.

JoBeth Williams
Although it looks a little weird around the shoulders, this dress is lovely on her.

Sasha Alexander in Alberta Ferretti
And here's a mullet dress I don't like. The hem shape doesn't work for me here. Of course neither do the hip gathers or the tight bodice that is squishing her boobs. Is this dress even comfortable?

Morena Baccarin in Monique Lhullier
She looks absolutely lovely in this dress; both the style and the colour work so well on her. She had a baby three or so months ago but you can hardly tell from the picture. 

Michelle Dockery in J. Mendel
Apparently she chose this because it's like a tuxedo, but it's a dress! Until I read that, I didn't see the tuxedo connection but now I get it. I love this because it's unusual but awesome on her.

Sandra Bullock in Lanvin
I just can't get behind this dress. It's got an 80s look that I don't love and there's something about the skirt - or lack of it - that really doesn't work for me. It doesn't help that the fabric looks cheap but even if it was in a different fabric I don't think this would work.

Gretchen Mol in J. Mendel
Oh yes, I do love this; there's something so elegant about this skirt and I have to say that I love that the top is so unusual. This was a risk that worked.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy
From some angles and when she was moving, the bib thing looked amazing but then the rest of the time it kind of looked like a big bib thing, I don't know how I feel about this, overall. It's unusual, yes, and I don't think it's supposed to be flattering, and I think she pulls it off in a way that others couldn't. But do I like it? I don't know.

Julianne Nicholson in Philosophy
There's nothing wrong with this dress if she was attending a house party. She's a little underdressed for this occasion, however.

Kaley Cuoco in Vera Wang
The colour and the fabric of this dress are so beautiful. I do think that the seam between the torso and skirt could use something to cover it and make it more attractive. The bodice is also a little bit small for her and looks like it's about to fall down. The dress is lovely except for those issues.

Jennifer Garner in Max Mara
This may be a simple strapkess dress but it fits and flatters her. 

Helen Mirren in Escada
Many people loved this but I'm not one of those people. I find the gold embellishments to be well-placed but a bit garish, and I don't like the way the skirt overlaps the design on the bodice. 

Nancy O'Dell in Carmen Marc Valvo
Now this draping is the right amount in the right places for her figure. Everything bout this dress works for her; it's flattering and beautiful.

Renee Bargh in Steven Khalil
She's an Australian Extra tv reporter, apparently. I have to say that I rather love this dress. I'm especially fond of the lace bodice with all of the buttons - it's so simple, elegant, and flattering.

Claire Danes in Vionnet
I love the scaled effect on the front but it seems like the shoulders are just a bit too wide for her so there's some weird draping going on in the bodice.

Holly Hunter in Randi Rahm
Doesn't she look gorgeous here! I could do without the train but I love the bodice (especially the opening) and the colour on her.

Guiliana Rancic in Basil Soda
She's such a tiny woman and that skirt is so big that she looks like she's swimming in it. The bodice is lovely but proportion-wise, she needs a narrower skirt.

Stuart Brazell
I'm not sure a person could pick a less attractive, less flattering dress. Or shoes. And yet she's a TV host! I know that they probably don't get much in the way of a budget for these events but surely she could find a better dress for a red carpet event than this? Had it been a floor-length dress it wouldn't have been quite so bad.

Rocsi Diaz in Victoria Beckham
This kind of looks like a bra with one of those high-waisted spanx skirts.

Thea Andrews
This isn't the kind of dress one would expect to see on a red carpet in the winter, even if the event is in LA. It's a little summery for the event but it is a long dress and it does fit her. Besides, she's a journalist and I suppose it's unreasonable to expect her to wear a more formal dress to this formal event.

Alex Hudgens
The slit in the back is weird but I am completely in love with the neckline, sleeve things, and the pockets. She looks amazing.

Ariel Winter in Badgley Mischka
I feel a little weird saying this about a 15-year-old, but is her bust really that huge or is there something weird going on with the straps and the dress? I do love the dress, and especially the print, but it doesn't fit her bust all that well. 
As an aside, I have to tell you that way back when, I designed a dress that looks a lot like this one for a class of mine. It's weird seeing something so much like my own design from like 20-odd years ago.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmens in Tea Collection
Squeee!!!!!!! Does she, or does she not, look adorable? I love this dress on her; it's so completely age-appropriate for her and she looks so happy.

Kathy Griffin in Antonio Berardi
This dress is too tight: she's got a uniboob and it's bunching up near the waist. The colour is nice but there's no shame in going up a size.

Laura Dern in Roberto Cavalli with Bruce Dern
Sometimes simple is best: this lightly sparkly black dress with a deeply plunging (but not vulgar) neckline and waist detail fits her like a glove and is beautiful. I also love the necklace she's wearing; it adds just the right amount of contrast.

Sarita Choudhury in Nanette Lepore
I don't love this dress. It's nice enough and the colour is great but there's not a whole lot of waist shaping going on; if it didn't hang from the bust I think it would work better for her.

Sophie McShera in David Meister
The cutouts on the sides are lovely; they make something that could be a bit boring a lot more interesting. I also love the raglan sleeves - well, and the fact that this outfit has sleeves.

Margo Martindale
This is awesome! She's dressed so perfectly for the event in this gorgeous combination: I love the way the embellished top peeks over the under-top and I love the gold banding on the over-top. I also love the way the eye is drawn to face and the way the ensemble frames her face. Well done.

Rita Moreno
I love it! My eyes are drawn to the skirt with the beautiful jacquard weave; somehow the larger scale works in this ensemble with the embellished bodice and jacket. I never would have thought that these disparate elements would work together but they really do. You would never know that she's 84 - she looks about 20 years younger here. If I live to be that old, I hope I dress this well.

Emilia Clarke in Calvin Klein
This dress was one of the highlights of the red carpet for many. I like a lot about it - the shape, mostly - but the colour leaves me feeling a bit flat because it doesn't quite work for her skin tone.

Alfre Woodard in Tadashi Shoji
One problem with photos of sequinned dresses is that they tend to be overly-bright in front which can be (and in this case is) unattractive. Aside from the fact that this dress is much too long and the bust is a smidge too tight, I like this; the colour is gorgeous on her and the style is flattering. 

Sophie Turner in Dolce & Gabbana
Eh. It's a strapless mermaid dress and it's lovely (as these things go) and fits her well but black is a bit harsh for her colouring and it would be nice to see something a bit more stylish or interesting on her.

Rose Leslie in Temperley London
Personally, I don't much like this dress; I think there's not enough to tie the lavender top and leopard bottom together and it would benefit from more lavender in the bottom. Weirdly, the runway version of this dress didn't look quite so bad: maybe it's the hair, or the fact that the runway version had a plain strip on the bottom? It might also have helped if she'd worn a bra (although Ian does say that the best part of this dress is that she's not wearing one).

Rita Wilson in Tom Ford
She's dressed a bit like a disco ball (and would not be out of place in Arcade Fire's Reflektor video) but the black stripe on the side is the perfect contrast to this unusual dress.

Natalie Dormer in Marios Schwab
The gridded industrial embellishment works perfectly with her hair (which was apparently cut for her Game of Thrones role). The dress would work without that embellishment but with it, she looks completely put-together.

Jane Krakowski in Roland Mouret
I know this dress must be incredibly well-made but it looks like it's doing something weird just below her waist. As for the bodice, it's a little heavy and I think it would be more balanced with a narrower shoulder strap or a slightly lower bodice. The colour is a welcome change, however.

Gwendoline Christie in Giles Deacon
I could spend all day looking at that skirt. See the way the pleats at the hips create that fold of fabric that continues to the floor? That, to me, is tremendously flattering (it's also the way Kate Middleton's wedding dress skirt was designed). I love also that the bodice has a slightly different texture but I wish it didn't give her those strange armpit bulges.

Maisie Williams
This picture doesn't really show it, but her dress is made with a lace overlay which is quite lovely - the lace is what you're seeing at the shoulders. Apparently it's quite a comfortable dress; fortunately, it's quite lovely. If a bit long.

Amanda Anka in Dolce & Gabbana with Justin Bateman
Here's another mullet dress I don't mind. I love the strapless bodice, too, for some reason, and I'm not quite sure why. 

Mariah Carey in Saint Laurent
One would think that she would give up the tight, short, sleazy dresses because they weren't flattering 20 years ago and they're not flattering now. Clearly one would be wrong.

Jo Andres with Steve Buscemi
A problem with lace overlay dresses is that the lace itself tends to be quite regular and if you don't manipulate the pattern a bit, it can make the wearer look a bit shapeless - which is what's happening here. I love the blue underdress, though.

Zoe Kazan
This is quite cute; I love the print and the contrasting bow and ribbon. It fits her quite well and is interesting without being weird. 

Portia de Rossi in Saint Laurent
You know what trend I'm loving? Sleeves. Even little cap sleeves like this; it's a welcome change from the strapless trend, and has infinitely more variations.  This dress is definitely nice but it's not much of a focal dress - it seems like the kind of dress one would wear to show off some fabulous jewellery or a bag or something. Without that pop of fabulous, this outfit looks a little incomplete. 

Sufe Bradshaw
There aren't enough tiara-wearing occasions out there so I'm happy to see her wearing one. I want to love this dress because with just a few (major) changes like shortening the skirt and altering the bodice to make the embellishment to be curvier and less rectangular this would be fabulous. 

Adepero Oduye
Apparently her favourite colour is yellow which is great because she shines in the colour, don't you think? I love the simplicity and ease of this dress, and the fact that it has pockets makes it even better :)

Laura Fraser
It's a nice dress, and it fits, but it seems a little unbalanced to me. Also, I think her shoes are crazy high because she appears to be standing on her tippy-toes. I wonder how long she kept her shoes on?

Jennifer Grey
When you wear a dress that's way too tight and satin, every little bump is going to show - and not in an attractive way. The dress is lovely but she needs to go up a size. Some different shoes would help, too - these are a little heavy. 

Nathalie Emmanuel in Herve Leger
I imagine she's used quite a lot of double-sided tape there because there's no way her boobs will stay that squished and in place otherwise. 

Nisi Sturgis
I was trying to figure out whether the waist was dropped or she's super-petite like me but apparently she's 5'5". Maybe it was designed for a very tall person?

Margot Bingham
This dress is way too small: her boobs are squished up and there's pulling at her waist and hips. Once again, go up a size if you need to! Manufacturers just make up their sizes so the number on the label doesn't matter - buy the size that fits you.

Betsy Brandt in alice + olivia
She was up on stage with one of the ensemble winners and it was easy to spot her there in this dress. I think it might work without the peplum, even with that crazy embellishment. 

Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta with her daughter Alice
Tina's dress is as lovely as any that she wore at the Golden Globes; it fits and flatters her and the colour is perfect for her. Her daughter is adorably dressed for the occasion. Her purse is so cute!

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