Saturday, May 18, 2013

Was feeling sick but I think I'm getting better

For the last couple of days I've really felt "off". I was really tired at the beginning of the week and then on Wednesday I started to feel not right. Over the last two days I could only eat half of my breakfast and couldn't drink my coffee; I couldn't eat anything else through the day. I felt queasy and the thought of food wasn't appealing at all.

I was also exhausted and weak and having chills and shakes (although I didn't have a fever) and I was having trouble with woogly back (like restless legs, I guess, but all over my back). I couldn't stop moving and I couldn't get comfortable at all so I was ending up in these awkward half-upside-down positions while moaning and whining. Sometimes having a very hot bath followed by a nap helped but other times nothing helped.

Gozer knew that something was wrong and she tried so hard to comfort me. She tried licking my face and climbing on me but I couldn't bear her weight. When I slept, she curled up very close to me (often taking my blankets) and carrying around my stuffed monkey. Ian wasn't happy to see that Gozer was on the bed but I liked having her there.

I thought that the problem might have been that I was constipated since my diet was different during our trip. The only thing that calmed my woogly back was percocet which would also have calmed my intestines - which wouldn't help if I was in fact constipated. Still, last night I was so desperate to stop the woogles that I had to do something. I asked Ian to get me some Ducolax (in case I was constipated) because I figured that would offset the effects of the percocet.

I also wondered if there was something wrong with one of my painkiller patches. I wear two of them and alternate changing them so that I don't have to go through withdrawl symptoms. Since the percocet helped, it's possible that the patch that got changed this morning was faulty or had been changed incorrectly beforehand or something. But then, what I was feeling wasn't quite the same as the feeling of opiate withdrawl that I've had before, which for me always involves a crazy amount of sweating. I wasn't experiencing that this time around.

I slept twelve hours last night and woke up feeling a LOT better. No woogles, I was hungry, and I wanted coffee. I had some jam on toast and had my regular morning coffee, and I had some toast later on in the day. I was even able to go outside and do some very light yard work, which I couldn't even have thought of doing over the last few days. The Dulcolax did achieve some results a bit later in the day but I wouldn't say that I was actually constipated. Or maybe I was, but I don't know if that was what was wrong and causing such terrible woogles, queasiness, and chills.

I still don't feel 100%; I don't want to eat all that much and chewing gum makes me feel very, very queasy. But I feel so much better than I have over the last few days. I think I might even be able to walk Gozer tonight, which is something I haven't done this whole week. I hope I keep getting better but I wish I knew why I've been so sick this last week.

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Robin said...

I'm glad you are feeling better :) It does sound a bit like one of your patches was faulty. How awful for you :(