Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gozer's ophthalmologist appointment

Gozer saw the veterinary ophthalmologist for her three-month follow-up appointment. We spent just over an hour there this morning because Gozer needed her pupils dilated. The technician didn't dilate her pupils at first so the appointment took a little bit longer than it should have. From now on Gozer's pupils will always be dilated at the beginning of these appointments to save everyone some time.

Gozer's cataract is unchanged, which is fabulous news. It means that the cataract isn't growing quickly even though it kind of appeared overnight.

The only thing that made us nervous was that when the technician first tested the pressure of her eye, the pressure of her cataract eye was considerably higher than that of her normal eye but when the doctor re-tested her eyes the pressure was about the same. Of course they get these numbers by putting a drop in her eye to harden the cornea and tapping it with an electronic measuring tool so I think it's possible to tap a little too hard and to give a false reading. The doctor did the test a few times on her cataract eye and came up with two numbers that matched the non-cataract eye and one that was near the original measurement. Clearly that test isn't always reliable.

We're to continue to give Gozer the drops we've been giving her and we'll go back for another checkup in six months.

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