Saturday, January 12, 2013

No more tasty water for a while

Since we brought back the tasty water, we've gone through a lot more than usual. Normally we finished one 18.9L water bottle per week with my two or three litres of water per day and Ian's lesser water usage. However, in the last week we'd finished between one and a half and two of those bottles and that's an unusually high consumption rate.

At first I thought that I was drinking all that excess water but when I counted the number of times I fill my water bottle, I realized that there was no way I was drinking quite that much. Ian hasn't been drinking much more water, either. So what's happening with our water?

It was leaking is what was happening. We should have known better than to put the cooler directly on the hardwood floor instead of on a drip catcher mat of some sort, but we apparently didn't. Now the hardwood under the cooler is swollen and uneven. The water had seeped below the subfloor onto the top of the joists but hadn't dripped onto anything in the basement, which is good.

Hardwood isn't the best choice for a kitchen; it's what the house came with and it looks really nice but if we'd had tile or vinyl or whatever else, we'd have seen that the cooler was leaking days ago and the subfloor wouldn't be all soaked with water. Someday we might change the floors but that day is far away. We'll have to buy a new water cooler and when we do, it'll go on a mat so that leaks will be immediately obvious.

So it's back to the Brita water until we get out and find ourselves a new cooler. We figure we'll look at Costco and at Crystal Clear (where we buy our tasty water) and hopefully find something soon. I like the yummy water so much and I'm missing it already.

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