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2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet, Part 2

Here are the rest of the red carpet outfits from the 2013 Golden Globes!

Enjoy all the pretty (and not so pretty) dresses after the jump.

Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy
The blocking on the bodice doesn't quite work and makes her bust look small and waist look thick. However, she still manages to look like a slightly edgy ingenue who is ready to step into the world of major award winners. 

Jennifer Garner in Vivienne Westwood
Well, this is... nice. It fits and the colour works for her. I wish she'd done something with her hair and I'm not loving her superworman hands-on-hips pose. Even if she is kind of a superwoman.

Adele in Burberry
I love Adele, I really do. She's so quirky (but not in a twee way like Zooey Deschanel) and she was clearly there to have a good time. She could probably have chosen a dress that was slightly more flattering but this fits her and it's her style. I do love that her hair is practically a caricature of fancy hair. That kind of pouf doesn't seem humanly possible, does it?

Naomi Watts in Zac Posen
This is one of my favourite looks. Everything about the dress is gorgeous from its lean silhouette to the perfectly-fitting back opening and attached butt train. 

Julianna Marguiles in Emilio Pucci
When I first saw the front of the dress, I kind of liked it. I'm a big fan of non-traditional lace and it looked great in this unusual colour which also suits her very well. And then I saw the back, which appears to have come from a different dress. And then I saw that the lining extends to just below her butt and decided that the dress isn't nearly as tasteful as I thought it was. This would fit right in at the Grammys but it's a little too exposed for this event.

Sienna Miller in Erdem
This outfit is wearing her. Not that this is a problem, since she's gone for a low-key kind of look with the sleeked back hair and minimal makeup, but why not be overwhelmed by something a little less garden party? If you're going to choose to be overwhelmed by your outfit, that is.

Halle Berry in Atelier Versace
Oh, Halle. You still look amazing and we all know it. It would be perfectly ok - awesome, even! - if you chose something a little Did that bit of your high hip really need to be exposed? Does your dress really need a slit in front? Do you really need to pose with your leg sticking out through the slit? No, no, and no. Try something different next time. Please.

Amy Adams in Marchesa
Aaand another strapless mermaid dress in a blushy nude colour that doesn't match or particularly flatter her skin colour. What's notable about this confection is that it's by Marchesa but there's no heavy embellishment. Has Marchesa finally left that trend behind? One can only hope.

Eva Longoria in Emilio Pucci
If you must stand awkwardly with your hand covering your lady bits to prevent them from being seen, then this it isn't the dress for you. Unless you're trying to make people giggle, in which case this dress - and your pose - is perfect.

Heidi Klum in Alexandre Vauthier
We get it, you're single and have great legs. You don't have to wear a dress so tight that it shows off your bellybutton or stand with your leg sticking out of an unnecessary slit in the skirt any more. Remember: a man who wants to be with you will want to be with you when you're wearing a dress that fits.

Jodie Foster in Giorgio Armani
The top looks great but I wish the skirt had a bit more something to it because it just looks like a big rectangle. Also, the bust just below the straps ended up with strange bumps, probably because the straps were too heavy for the dress and sagged a bit. Still, the colour is fantastic with her colouring and she looked spectacular as she accepted her award. 

Kathryn Bigelow in Prada
Ohhh, this dress is gorgeous. The ice blue colour and subtle embellishments are beautiful with her colouring, and she looks positively regal standing there. Well, except for her hair. Doesn't she own a comb?

Kristen Bell in Jenny Packham
Was she so nervous about walking the red carpet that she needed to wear armour? Perhaps she's feeling fragile since she's pregnant.

Morena Baccarin in Valentino Couture
This is an unusual dress. I'm not crazy about the colour at the bottom of the train or the sheer skirt on their own but somehow they all work together.

Stacy Keibler in Armani Privé
Ok, this is a strapless mermaid dress but if all of them looked this awesome I wouldn't be tired of the trend. Her boobs look a bit strange but I'm willing to overlook that because the dress is so fantastic.

Kerry Washington in Miu Miu
The ankle-length maxi sheer skirt over the miniskirt trend tends to look strange, especially when the embellishments don't cover the entire skirt. At least the bodice looks ok. If only she had a different skirt.

Thandie Newton in Giles Deacon
Normally this red carpet is an event requiring a gown, not a short dress. As lovely as this dress is, it isn't really appropriate for the occasion. At least it doesn't have a sheet skirt over this miniskirt.

Ariel Winter in Valentino
Since Ariel is a teenager, it makes sense that she might wear a knee-length skirt. This is a fine choice for her, and I love the heels.

Emily Deschanel in Badgley Mischka
Those are some mighty big shoulders right there! Fortunately, the big embellished shoulders are balanced by the minimalist dress. This is a good choice for her.

Sofia Vergara in Michael Cinco
It may be strapless but it fits her perfectly and her boobs won't be escaping anytime soon. She looks gorgeous, especially with that smile as her main accessory.

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt in Naeem Khan
Although the midriff is a bit wide, I love the directional embellishments on the top of the dress. I love the colour of the embellishments as well, although the skirt colour doesn't quite match.

Lea Michele in Elie Saab
There's her leg, sticking out of the slit in her dress. To her credit, the toe isn't  pointing outwards. The dress, except for the slit, is lovely and fits her well. Maybe she looks so sad because she realizes that her shoes aren't right for the dress.

Sarah Hyland in Max Azria Atelier
Wow, that's some big hair. It's a good thing she's got it because that bodice is working very hard to stay up. when it fails, she'll need her hair for modesty.

Salma Hayek in Gucci Premiere
This looks like a still from one of those scenes where the heroine stands into the wind, hands on hips, and shifts her weight from side to side looking all sexy-like. At least the dress fits her (including her ample bosom). 

Julianne Moore in Tom Ford
At first I didn't like this but I'm warming up to it. I like that the white blocks aren't, err, blocky and that they draw the eye around the dress. Well done.

Emily Mortimer in Jenny Packham
I love shiny, sparkly dresses as much as (or maybe more than) anyone, but this is a too-tight shiny dress. Too-tight shiny dresses show off every lump and bump on the body... and for most of us, including Emily here, those lumps and bumps are more attractive if they're minimized.

Mayim Bialik in Terani Couture
Apparently celebrities try to borrow a dress from a designer for the red carpet. It's a win-win proposition: the celebrity is clothed and the designer gets publicity. Unfortunately, these dresses can't really be altered so celebrities who are short, like Mayim here, ends up standing in a puddle of fabric and looks like she's either melting into or rising out of the ground. I don't see how this shows off the dress at its best, unless people are willfully blind to the problem. The dress is fine and suits her (apparently she has modesty requirements).

Katharine McPhee in Theyskens' Theory
Is this dress too long, or not long enough? I think it has pockets, which is a major selling point since she can't hide things in her bra while wearing this dress. 

Debra Messing in Donna Karan
Does she know she's wearing curtains as a skirt? Wouldn't it be awesome if she was wearing an overskirt , too, so that she could pretend she was covering a window? 

Kristen Wiig in Michael Kors
I'm trying to figure out if that cutout on the waist  is an actual cutout and we're seeing skin there or if it's just skin-coloured. It could be skin but it has a weird texture. I also wonder why she doesn't appear to own a comb.

Julie Bowen in Halston
She looks uncomfortable which means that while the concept for this dress is interesting, it doesn't work. The colour is nice on her.

Connie Britton in Kaufmanfranco
It's a long sparkly towel! At least this dress doesn't move independently from her so it's more flattering than some sparkly towel dresses we've seen.

Allison Williams in J. Mendel
The way the halter neck extends to the waist like that looks sort of strange. Also, this dress is too long but since the fabric is fairly stiff, it doesn't puddle so much as make it look like she's standing on a platform.

Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen
Stronger shoulders seem to be on their way back. Hopefully they'll stay awesome and strong like this and won't grow to epic proportions like they did in the 80s. Aside from the fact that her hair blends into the neck embellishment, this is a fantastic look.

Megan Hilty in Novis
Raising the waist will make your legs look longer while also making your torso look super-short. 

Sarah Paulson in Reem Acra
I'm not sure that the straps are supposed to look like they're falling off the wearer's shoulders like this. The skirt is way too heavy for her what with her severe hair and minimal jewellery. 

Zosia Mamet in Tony Ward Couture
Is she playing dress-up with her stylish friend's gorgeous, edgy dress? Too bad her friend didn't actually dress her up with a hairstyle and some jewellery. 

Melissa Rauch in GUiSHEM
Aaaand it's a strapless mermaid dress with some decorative panels on the bodice. While the colour washes her out completely, wearing colour is definitely preferable to wearing white if one must wear a strapless mermaid dress. 

Shaun Robinson in Pamella Roland
This was not the best choice for her. The strapless bodice appears narrower than the waist, making her look thick-waisted and pear-shaped and not even the sequinned embellishments can fool the eye.

Cody Horn in Vionnet
There aren't many pictures of this dress but it was so unusual that I just had to post it. The black band above the bust is a interesting feature and I love how it provides contrast for the deep-cowled neckline. 

NeNe Leakes in Carolina Herrera
The bottom is not pants but a skirt with a center slit. The skirt is a bit overwhelming for her figure and makes her look almost as wide as she is tall.

Allison Pill in Gustavo Cadile
I half-expect her to be swinging some pearls or a purse or something because this photo appears to have been taken mid-strut. The dress is interesting but the colour isn't quite right for her. 

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manchester fat acceptance said...

so happy to see a red carpet post again! i laughed at your comment on Carla Gugino's and Lucy Liu's dresses, among others!

i agree Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta looked lovely, and Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton looked... weird. i actually really like Brooke Anderson in Rachel Gilbert though.

i think Morena Baccarin in Valentino Couture is probably my favourite. just so weird.