Monday, January 07, 2013

Gozer gets groomed

Gozer was groomed today, finally! The last time she was groomed was in early November so she was looking very shaggy. Her long, curly hair was developing a lot of snowballs when she was out in the snow, too, which made for some very uncomfortable walks. Snowballs between her toes hurt her feet and make it painful to walk but she doesn't like her booties because the narrowest part rubs against her dew claws and she finds that uncomfortable.

Gozer doesn't love being groomed. She's fine going to the place but wants to leave right away. Today, as soon as the groomer came out to get her, she jumped onto the lap of a fellow who was there with his dog. As if some stranger will protect her from the mean groomers when her own mommy won't! After that, Gozer tried to hide under the reception desk so the groomer ended up carrying her to the grooming area.

Apparently Gozer was comparatively well-behaved during grooming. Normally she howls and cries when she's being dried but this time she only barked the way she does when she sees another dog and wants something from it.

Unfortunately, Gozer has a mild ear infection. Her breed has hair instead of fur and that hair grows thickly in her ear canals, too. If the hair isn't plucked regularly, it can block the ear canal and create a lovely place for bacteria to grow. The last time Gozer was groomed the groomer didn't really pluck her ears so there was a lot of extra hair in there. The groomer got some of the hair out and there's some redness in the ear as well as goop. I think the ear infection might be related to the extra-goopy eyes she's had lately.

The groomer cleared out Gozer's ears a bit but obviously Gozer didn't like it and the groomer didn't want to press the issue. We have an appointment to see the groomer and the vet tomorrow to get the infection looked at and the ear cleaned out. Fortunately the infection is still mild but I want it to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

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