Saturday, July 11, 2009

So close to finishing.... plus some shopping

All I have left to do is hem the dress; I'm leaving it to hang overnight so that it can relax. Strictly speaking, something less than a circle or larger skirt doesn't necessarily need to relax (and anything that's a circle or larger skirt should hang for a few days), but it's better if it does. I guess I have some handwork to do, tacking down the  facings, but that'll take next to no time at all.

I decided I needed shorts because I only really have one decent pair so I went shopping today. It's the first time that I've really been shopping for quite a while; lately I've been buying things on the internet and I don't buy clothes there. There are so many styles out there... most of them aren't right for me, of course, but that's ok. I tried on quite a few things and came out with two pairs of shorts and one top that needs hemming. I have to pick up a package this week so I might poke around and see what I see then.

Tomorrow I'm going on an all-day retreat with the cancer support centre. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed because we leave Wednesday morning for vacation. I thought about that when I signed up, but I realized then that having a day of relaxation and meditation might do me a world of good. Especially since Meditation has been cancelled for the summer - I haven't had my weekly dose of it, so I'm tenser an more irritable than normal.

So even though I'm tense, I'm going to the retreat tomorrow. I hope I'm making the right decision.

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Allison said...

can't wait to see the dress!