Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home at last

We are finally home after two weeks away on vacation. I'm exhausted and have to be up early tomorrow for Pamidronate, so for now I'll just sum up the trip by giving an overview of the trip. I'll have more details on what we did in the coming days.

First was Ian's brother's wedding which was well-organized and gorgeous. The bride was radiant and beautiful from the inside out. As was the groom. :) They made a very happy couple.

Then we got to see family members that I haven't seen in many, many years. I loved seeing and connecting with everyone and was sad to have to leave. I very much want to see everyone again.

Following that was the big road trip that was the heart of our vacation. We started in Washington state, driving back and forth over the Cascade mountains with visits to Mt St. Helens and Mt Rainier and stops at Olympia, Yakima, Seatac, Seattle, and Omak. From there we drove up through Kelowna to Kamloops and then down to Whistler and back to the Vancouver area. We saw the most beautiful, amazing places and things on this part of the vacation... we were lucky to be in some of the most beautiful areas ever with the best weather possible.

Over the last few days, we visited some parks and areas in the Vancouver area. They were also beautiful, but not quite as serene as some of the earlier places we visited.

And now we're home! Home, with all of our stuff and our setup and our life. I loved the vacation (and wish I could have spent more time at some places) but I'm really happy to be home.

Over the next few posts, I'll describe the trip in more detail. We have around 1000 pictures that we need to sort through, and I hope to have at least a few for you to enjoy.

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