Friday, December 12, 2008

I need a better one-line answer

Ian's Christmas party was tonight. I didn't quite finish the dress in time - if I'd had an extra couple of hours I could have done it but the time wasn't there. I wore the outfit I already had, which was fine - I looked good :) I definitely will finish the dress (and re-use the pattern) because it looks good on me.

The party was fun; we had turducken for dinner and some kind of creamy pudding thing for dessert. The opening salad was very elegantly displayed: the salad dressing was contained in a hollowed out cucumber and the vegetable toppings were spilling out of a tomato. It was both lovely and delicious!

I got to meet pretty well everyone at Ian's company that I haven't met before, so I'll know who he's talking about when he tells me what's going on :)

The thing is, whenever I meet new people, they ask what I do for a living.... and I don't know what to tell them. Tonight I awkwardly mumbled some stuff about "being on medical leave", or "on leave right now" from the company I work for. I'm uncomfortable telling people that I'm at home because I don't have kids and I feel weird about not having a job, you know? I feel like I need a good, one-line thing to tell people that is truthful, rolls off the tongue easily, but doesn't give too much away - do any of you have one?


manchester fat acceptance said...

Here's my one-liner for you:

I'm on medical leave from my job at R.I.M. because I have Stage IV Breast Cancer.

(Brought to you by the ever-popular "ask an aspie and they'll tell you - whether you really want to know or not", a.k.a. TMI, a.k.a. conversation-killing honesty. It's probably not that helpful to you, but really... It's exactly what I'd say.)

Robin said...

"I design jewelry while I manage my breast cancer"

"Sleep a lot (pause with a smile)...a side effect of breast cancer, and I design jewelry"

"When I'm able I sew and design jewelry, but I rest a lot"

"I'm on medical leave from a career that involved computer programming"

"My life took a drastic turn and now I'm on medical leave. I sew and create jewelry"

"I make the most beautiful jewelry and sell it on Etsy. I also love fabrics and enjoy sewing"

"Right now I just concentrate on living as I have stage four breast cancer"

"I'm not employed at the moment. Cancer makes it difficult to put energy into a job. I design jewelry and sew when I have the energy"

"I'm fulfilling my dream of designing jewelry"

"Design jewelry and sew. Cancer brought me the gift of time away from the pressures of a job so I can concentrate my energy where I want it"

"I design jewelry and sell it on Etsy, would you like my card?"

"Manage my breast cancer"

Wow, this is easier when I'm not talking about me :)


Chantelle said...

You two are good at this - you're much more direct and flattering about what I do than I am :)


Anonymous said...

Down where I live the phrase heard most often is "I'm between pictures right now". Everyone laughs and it pretty much says it all.
Aunt Margaret

P.S. I wouldn't talk to casual acquaintances about having cancer...